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Bread. Impossible. Takes too much time, and it looks -hard- Yeah right, whatever. Luckily for Christmas, my in-laws to be were kind enough to buy ‘us’ (meaning me) a food mixer (at Neil’s request, to try to stem some of my mess making tendencies). I have to admit, having not had access to one for […]

Very few things will make me get up willingly in the morning, however I can be very quick to get out of bed at the prospect of cooking, so I was quite happy to amble over to the thermostat to defrost the flat at 7am and start making mince pies. Everyone has their own version […]

A nice warming apple crumble to complete a filling evening meal Serves: 4-6 Neil’s rating: 7.5 (out of 10) Time to table: 50mins (15-20 prep, 20-30 oven) Ingredients: For the apple layer: 2 cooking apples 100g caster sugar water 5ml ground cinnamon 2.5ml ground nutmeg 1 star anise 2-3 cloves For the crumble (quantities are […]